Sunday, July 28, 2013

NGage discusses marketing strategy

Bill Demuth, executive director of the NGage economic development group for Gage County, has made marketing the young organization a top priority since being hired last August.

During Thursday’s NGage board meeting, Demuth shared his strategy for drawing new businesses to the area and establishing connections with notable businesses for future interactions.

Demuth said during the monthly meeting that prospective businesses are divided into four categories, manufacturing, processing, technical scientific administrative and small business and startups.

He said the first priority is to get a company’s attention, which can be done with a simple gesture.

“What we’ve come up with could be something as simple as a postcard and picture of something that catches their eye about Gage County,” he said. “Then you send a flier or brochure, then make a follow up phone call and start to call that list to determine which ones have good potential and which ones don’t.

“When you start a marketing effort for any economic development, it’s a little different from probably your traditional product. You can have a lot more control over your product. More here.

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