Thursday, October 06, 2011

TEAM Santa Rosa must reform to stay put

The Santa Rosa County Commission is calling for changes at TEAM Santa Rosa Economic Development Council.

At workshops held last week, some business leaders praised TEAM Santa Rosa while critics dismissed it as ineffective and lacking accountability.

TEAM Santa Rosa is working on a six month contract extension with the county, which began Oct. 1. County Commission chairman Lane Lynchard was quoted as saying there needs to be a look at the structure of the EDC.  Team Santa Rosa was asked to detail what reforms will be instituted.

Lynchard also said there was a public perception problem with TEAM that there is insider dealings. He called for reforms that instill confidence in the public.

Areas of potential reform Lynchard outlined include changing the makeup of the TEAM board of directors with more appointees from commissioners, and rebranding the organization. Some commissioners have also called for personnel changes at TEAM.

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