Sunday, March 16, 2014

'We Are Albany' campaign to arrive soon

ALBANY — What is Albany? That’s a question apparently that citizens and leaders have been trying to figure for quite some time. In the age of mass marketing and everyone trying to establish an identity in an increasingly homogenized world, at least one group has decided to take on the task of not only figuring out what Albany is and who its residents are, but how the groups want to present themselves.

Starting in 2012 the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission began working on an extensive campaign to re-brand the community and introduce a new vision of the city. After input from various segments of the population and careful analysis from a variety of sources, the EDC is set to unveil the city’s new brand in 2014.

Although the official re-branding campaign is still a few months away, EDC Interim Executive Director Justin Strickland and Business Development Vice President Barbara Rivera Holmes are excited, not only about what’s to come but also the process that went into the re-branding campaign. More here.

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