Monday, March 24, 2014

McGraw: CEO, civic engagement key to creating jobs

Josh Pichler, 

 Jim McGraw has worked with thousands of CEOs in more than 100 cities, helping business clients find the right communities to locate, expand and create jobs.

The CEO of Downtown-based KMK Consulting Co. LLC has seen deals blow up because of indifferent public officials and executives. He’s seen deals happen because elected leaders and CEOs were passionate, prepared and unwilling to take no for an answer.

So it should be no surprise that some board members of REDI Cincinnati, the region’s recently overhauled economic development arm, plan to informally pick McGraw’s brain as they work to take recruiting and expansion to new levels.

McGraw knows well that successful recruiting isn’t just about a region touting its economic incentives or measurable attributes – its universities, attractive urban core, available land and office space. It’s also about intangible assets like engaged, enthusiastic public officials and civic and business leaders.

Nor should economic development be limited to pursuing high-paying jobs. It also means matching jobs with workforce needs so every citizen has employment opportunities. More here.

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