Monday, October 21, 2013

Economic development players team up to improve business

by Alana Garrigues

What can the city of Hermosa Beach do to attract and retain a diverse set of high-quality businesses and boost economic development in the city? How can the business owners in downtown, upper Pier Avenue, Pacific Coast Highway and Aviation Boulevard team up to have more affluent shops, stores and restaurants that meet the needs of residents and tourists alike?

The first step in discovering answers to those questions was recently taken when the PCH and Aviation Improvement Committee met to discuss the future of their group.

The PAIC, which will morph into an ad hoc resource for the Hermosa Beach City Council, planning commission and public works commission, spent their Oct. 3 meeting talking about the future of the economic development subcommittee, chaired by resident Gila Katz. The committee identified three organizations – the PCH/Aviation Economic Development Subcommittee, a Chamber of Commerce committee and the Friends of Hermosa Beach Redevelopment – already working to improve the business climate in Hermosa Beach’s 1.4 square mile footprint. The consensus was that by working together, those organizations could have more success.

“I think the intent is all the same,” said Councilman and Committee Chair Howard Fishman. “I think at the end of the day people want to work on improving the business climate and improving the businesses in this community… so, does it make more sense to put it together? I think it does.”

Ultimately, he saw a few common threads among all of the committees.

“Everyone is looking at the same thing,” Fishman said. “It’s about attraction, retention and making this community a more desirable destination.” More here.

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