Monday, October 08, 2012

What Site Selectors Like in Websites

Jay Garner of Garner Economics offered this list of of information site selectors want to see on an economic development website.  

•Contact info on how to reach a human
•Functional navigation
•Maps that show your geography
•The value proposition of your community/region, e.g. costs
•Transportation assets
•Sites and building database that is current
•Current labor, employer, demographic and economic data, especially if you are a contrived region that is not part of an MSA or CSA
•Info on community colleges, higher ED, career pathways and technical schools, and related curriculum that differentiates you
•Info on your community or region that we can’t find elsewhere, e.g. plant closings
•Targeted industries and the business case on why
•Incentive data
•Quality of place data

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