Sunday, October 07, 2012

Florida making major strides in economic development


SANDESTIN — Florida’s secretary of commerce says the state has gone from the minor leagues of economic development to the major league.

Gray Swoope, the secretary of commerce and president and CEO of Enterprise Florida — the state’s principal economic development organization — says the state has made major strides the past two years to improve economic development.

“Florida had and still has good economic developers in place, but what had happened was the structure failed,” Swoope said. “There was just a total disconnect. When Gov. Scott came in, he put the pieces together. It’s still a hard process, but if you have the right people in place, you have the right attitude in place, you can move forward and make things happen.”

Swoope stressed the importance of regionalism in the success of economic development. He compared it to what he called the bear strategy, which is to make yourself appear bigger than you actually are if you are attacked by a bear.

“If you look at all those assets that this region offers and you start marketing together as one, then there’s nobody who can compete with you,” Swoope said. “You have everything from universities to land to buildings, professional economic developers, counties that are pro-business. There’s nobody that can touch you.” More here.

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