Wednesday, April 09, 2014

New Michigan auto adviser changing the conversation to attract new businesses

By Michael Wayland |

DETROIT, MI- The state’s new auto adviser is looking to change the way Michigan attracts automotive-related companies to the Great Lakes State.

Nigel Francis, Automotive Office Michigan Economic Development Corp. senior vice president, is taking a more business-like approach to discussions with companies rather than offering short-term benefits.

Francis used a discussion with a “very large company from overseas” to drive his point home, where instead of proposing incentives; officials touted how the company could save money in the long-term with having the right location for a new plant.

“If they put it in the wrong place, their logistics cost will become a billion dollars over the lifetime,” he told reporters Tuesday following a speech at the Society of Automotive Engineers’ 2014 World Congress.

“When you look at a billion dollar decision, does it really matter that there’s $5 million or $7 million upfront? It’s completely irrelevant. More here.

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