Friday, February 01, 2013

Is Enterprise Florida's new branding logo offensive to women?

Staff Orlando Business Journal

Some women business leaders are reacting sharply to Enterprise Florida’s new branding logo, which shows a men’s necktie as the “i” in “Florida.”

The stylized “Florida” with the necktie
is over the new tagline, “The Perfect Climate for Business.”
Colleen Chappell, president and CEO of Tampa branding and marketing firm ChappellRoberts, told the Tampa Bay Business Journal that the symbol of male business attire sends the wrong message to women working in the state, and those who may consider moving their companies here.

The tie logo was developed by Jacksonville-based On Ideas, which is implementing the branding campaign for Enterprise Florida.

Enterprise Florida spokesman Stuart Doyle said the tie image was test surveyed in advance and found to be a widely accepted image for business. More here.

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