Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jets put Winnipeg on map with investors

The Winnipeg Jets hockey team is not an official arm of Economic Development Winnipeg  (EDW), but the new NHL franchise is opening doors for the city's economic development agency.

Economic Development Winnipeg is the agency responsible for promoting and marketing the city for business and investors and promoting tourism.

The EDW's Bill Morrissey said in the Winnepeg Free Press that when approaching a businesses to encourage investment in Winnipeg, the presence of the Jets has led to a few more businesses to listen to his pitch.

"The visibility Winnipeg has received as a result of the Jets is very definitely making a difference in name recognition," Morrissey said. "Increasingly, we are having the opportunity to have the discussion (about the relative merits of doing business in Winnipeg). And when they listen to it, they are impressed." More here.

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