Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seattle Sets Course for "High Road" in Economic Development

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says his city must take the "high road" in its jobs and infrastructure efforts to effectively compete in the new world economy.

"There are choices. One choice is the low road..what we do is we go for low-cost, low wages...push environmental costs onto the community or into the future to try to compete on the basis of low price. I'll tell you, the City of Seattle and our region is never going to beat the rest of the world by competing in a race to the bottom. We can't win that."

Seattle has to take the "high road" McGinn was quoted as saying in the Seattle PI.

"Compete on the basis of quality, compete on the basis of innovation, the intelligence, savvy and hard work of the people that are here," McGinn said. Just like we export airplanes and software, we're going to export our knowledge and vision of how you create a high-road economy."

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