Saturday, June 07, 2014

EDITORIAL: Economic alliance better strategy

If there’s strength in numbers, the economic development group created by a coalition of 21 Black Hills-area communities may get more attention from businesses looking at relocating.

The Rushmore Region Alliance was formed last month with an eye at presenting the Black Hills region as one market rather than six different counties and 21 different communities.

"We will share in the work and we will share in the prosperity and the harvest that comes from our work," said Ben Snow, president of the Rapid City Economic Development Partnership.

The announcement of the new marketing group coincided with unveiling its new campaign strategy to attract businesses. The group’s slogan is "Face-to-Face with Freedom: conduct business with the freedoms our Founding Fathers intended" printed on a backdrop of Mount Rushmore. The campaign promotes the pro-business, anti-regulation climate of the area: "Less regulation, less red tape, less taxes, less trouble."

Rushmore Region Alliance officials pointed out that South Dakota has no personal income tax, low sales tax rates, few regulatory agencies and laws and policies that favor businesses. That combination, the officials said, is attractive to people who own a business. More here.

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