Saturday, June 08, 2013

Corporate Relocation Activity Picking Up As Business Confidence Rises

By Randyl Drummer
CoStar Group

As business confidence in the economic recovery deepens, corporate c-suites are at least thinking about when and where to expand their operations.

Although the evidence is largely anecdotal so far, commercial real estate brokers and corporate site selection consultants tell CoStar they've noticed a general increase in the number of corporate expansions and headquarters relocations after sitting on their hands through the recession and early recovery.

Prompted by a variety of motives ranging from cost-cutting consolidation stemming from mergers and acquisitions, to seeking big tax incentive packages from states and local government, to intense competitive in the recruitment of talented employees, companies seem more willing in recent months to consider expansion and relocation as an alternative, both within and outside their current real estate footprints. More here.

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