Sunday, February 20, 2011

Indiana steps up its campaign to attract Illinois business

Keith Roysdon • February 16, 2011

Surely this means war.

Since Illinois officials raised taxes a few weeks ago, their counterparts here in the Hoosier state have been jumping for joy.

They see an opportunity to lure some Illinois businesses to Indiana, touting the state's favorable tax rates.

Delaware County economic development officials say they're been in contact with site consultants in Illinois since the higher taxes were enacted, and Indianapolis-area officials have been running ads in Illinois.

This week, Indiana economic development officials promoted the "Illinoyed by Higher Taxes" marketing campaign, which features advertisements directing business owners to websites touting "the advantages of doing business in Indiana."

The ads began running in Chicago this week, following on the heels of earlier ads.
State officials say the campaign resulted in 2,700 unique visits to, the state's website.

The state said the campaign has been budgeted at $250,000.

Northwest Indiana officials, in particular, are feeling optimistic about the marketing campaign.

"Northwest Indiana communities are Chicago's east suburbs, offering lower costs of doing business, affordable, high quality of living and a prime business location in the heart of the Midwest," said Mark Maassel, president and chief executive officer of the Northwest Indiana Forum. "In cooperation with IEDC, we believe this campaign will educate and entice businesses with the opportunities right next door and show them that we are prepared to assist businesses in finding their new home."

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