Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Saying no thanks to growth, Leelanau County commissioners abolish development authority


SUTTONS BAY, Michigan — Business leaders are criticizing a decision by the Leelanau County commission to abolish its economic development corporation and reject a partnership with nearby Grand Traverse County that is designed to promote growth.

Meeting in Suttons Bay on April 8, commissioners said the northwestern Lower Peninsula county is wealthy enough already and that they don't want growth. They said it's up to people to find their own jobs and businesses to make their own plans.

"We've been a county for over 150 years," Commissioner Karen Zemaitis said at the meeting. "The people in this county have always managed to make a living, whether it was fishing or ice-marketing. Times changed, that didn't work, they went to agriculture, cherries. Now they have the wineries.

"These independent, intelligent people in our county can make a living for themselves. They can develop their own economic community, they can figure out what it takes to have a business here. They can adapt." More here.

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