Monday, June 22, 2009

Dallas Fed chief: Businesses ripe for Texas to steal

By BRENDAN CASE / The Dallas Morning News

It's time to start stealing, says the president and chief executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Not money, mind you, but talent. And jobs.

Texas is one of the few big states not flat on its back from the recession. Using its greener pastures as a selling point, the state should "go out and steal everything we can from the rest of the country," says Dallas Fed boss Richard Fisher.

"That means stealing the best brains from places that are depressed, like Rhode Island and Michigan and California," he said. "Jam them into what I call the triangle, which is Austin-San Antonio, Dallas, Houston."

And why not snag some choice employers, while we're at it?

"We ought to be out recruiting every business we can," Fisher said. "No one wants to operate a business in California anymore. Nobody." More here.

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